Agustin Ferrin Pozuelo
Embedded Systems Engineer, focused in R&D.

Professional Career

  • Since July 2008: Embedded Systems Consultant. Providing engineering services as an expert in Embedded Systems. Developed (hardware and software) an embedded multi-sensor imaging system for CSIC's Quantalab, a Spanish Public Research Institution. It is now (Jan 2010) in the patent process.

    Relevant details:

    • ARM11 CPU, CMOS sensors, FPGA interface, GPS module, custom PCB's.
    • Linux 2.6.30, custom kernel drivers, image capture & processing software.
    • High throughputs: custom 1.5Gb/s camera bus, 20MB/s continuous data storage.
    • Very low power: 3,5W; and dimensions: below 500 gr., below 500 cm³.
    • Committed schedule: 12 months from requirements agreement to definitive field tests. New features delivered in 6 months afterwards: GPS image geo-time-tagging, improvements in speed & resolution, dust-proof box & cabling.
  • See my online project portfolio for details on my career as a consultant since 2002.

  • 2007~June 2008: Senior Systems Engineer at Motorola Core Network. Working in projects involving Digital TV (DVB-MHP, JavaTV, etc.), ATCA hardware, 3G and NGN standards (IMS, MMS). Supporting sales, test & development teams. Participating in integration efforts at customer's lab. Developing Market, Customer and Technical Requirements. Technology research. R&D of Dimensioning and Performance tools.

  • 2005~2006: Senior Staff Engineer & Technical Leader at Motorola Core Network, leading a 10-people team. Worked in assuring Carrier Grade Linux Quality and Performance in MSC/SoftSwitch project (telecom/core network equipment). Leader of the team providing a customized Ubuntu Linux based operating system, along with development environments & build servers. Features included clustering, high-availability and networking architecture. Activities involved providing cross-platform build systems, unit test framework, performance analysis tools, software refactoring, protocol migration.

  • 2003~2004: Embedded Systems Engineer in Motorola's Media Gateway project in Massachusetts, USA. Hardware integration and troubleshooting at the Telecom Lab. Development of Linux drivers (PowerPC architecture), circuit (SDH, PDH) & packet switching (VoIP) software, automated tests and diagnostics.

  • 2001~2003: Embedded Systems Engineer at Recreativos Franco(worldwide leader in gaming systems). Hardware and software development and production of a wireless gaming terminal with 6'' color touch-screen and Li-ion battery. Participated in all product stages, from concept to factory, working shoulder to shoulder with marketing and line production. Supply chain management, including inventory management and procurement. Manufacturing: planification, optimization, quality assurance.

University Studies

  • 1993-2000 Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Engineering at University of Sevilla, specializing in Telematics (networking protocols).

Skills & Areas of Expertise

  • Embedded Hardware design: Micro-controllers (ARM, ColdFire, Xscale, 68K), FPGA's, CPLD's, image sensors, GPS, switched power supplies, battery power/charge, wireless communications, LCD/TFT screens, touch pannels, etc.

  • Hardware+software troubleshooting & debugging: circuit forensics, logic analyzer, oscilloscope, JTAG dongle, remote GDB, in-system programming, etc.

  • Expert programmer with over 15 years of experience. Acquainted to C/C++/Java, Python, Lisp, Matlab/Octave, shell scripting, assembler, PHP, OpenGL, HTML, SQL, UML, Verilog.

  • Project Management and related computer tools.

  • Software & Hardware Quality. Digital Six Sigma “Yellow Badge”. Familiar with usual corporate procedures & tools (DOORS, IBM/Rational's ClearCase and ClearQuest).

  • Linux systems administration and programming. UNIX version 3 & Carrier Grade Linux.

  • Low-level: kernel fine-tuning, driver development, bootloaders, hard-soft interaction.

  • High density computing platforms: AdvancedTCA and CompactPCI.

  • Networking protocols: TCP/IP, VoIP, SCTP, SS7, SIGTRAN, SNMP, ATM, SDH, etc.

  • Industrial bus systems (CAN bus, RS485, MODBUS).

  • Digital TV: DVB/MHP, JavaTV, IPTV, MPEG-TS, H-264, Conditional Access, PVR.

  • Electronics design: EAGLE, OrCAD, gEDA, Xilinx tools, Verilog compilers.

  • Familiar with Linux development practices (git, quilt, mailing lists, etc.). Contributor to free software: kernel (video4linux, MX31 drivers), OpenGL, XFCE, GTK+, GNOME. Some of my Free Software sites/projects:,

  • Interested on maths, algorithms, game theory, and statistics.

  • Scientific, design, & engineering software: MatLab, AutoCAD, the GIMP, VirtualDUB, Audacity, CorelDraw, Inkscape, image-J, and many more.

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