Working since 2001 in Research and Development of Embedded Systems, AFP Embedded Systems realizes turnkey projects for customers who need the very-latest technology, whether to be integrated in their existing systems or to achieve unprecedented performance.

5 Mpix. CMOS sensor on our 2008 designs.


Our Way of Working

Our projects are developed with real care for quality, following an agile development methodology, and keeping the customer 'in the loop'.

  • Features and requirements are settled down formally, addressing expressed needs and thinking ahead on future improvements.
  • Latest available technology is presented to customer, who participates in the determination of System Architecture.
  • Viability is asserted in the first place from a theoretical point of view, identifying the critical aspects.
  • Documented evidence is produced at each development milestone, in a meaningful form, to allow customer to always know where we are, keeping risks are at bay.
  • Key performance figures are measured during reproducible experiments running on real end-systems.