Every task is performed by engineers highly experienced in the relevant fields of embedded design.

Agustin Ferrin Pozuelo - Embedded Systems Engineer, focused in R&D.

  • Since 2002: Embedded Systems Consultant. Providing engineering services as an expert in Embedded Systems.

  • 2005~2008: Senior Staff Engineer/Technical Leader/Senior Systems Engineer at Motorola Core Network. Leading a 10-people team, worked in assuring Carrier Grade Quality and Performance of MSC/SoftSwitch product. Responsible for the operating system, development environment, build servers, clustering, high-availability, and Networking Architecture. Also worked in other projects involving Digital TV (DVB-MHP, JavaTV, etc.), ATCA hardware, 3G and NGN standards (IMS, MMS). Supporting sales, test & development teams. Participating in integration efforts at customer's lab.

  • 2003~2005: Embedded Systems Engineer, at Motorola's Media Gateway project in Massachusetts, USA. Hardware test and troubleshooting at the Telecom Lab. Development of Linux drivers (PowerPC architecture), circuit (SDH, PDH) & packet switching (VoIP) software, automated tests and diagnostics.

  • 2001~2003: Embedded Systems Engineer at Recreativos Franco, worldwide leader in gaming systems. Hardware and software development, participating in all product stages.

[Extended CV...]

José Luis Calvo – Embedded Systems Engineer, focused in Hardware design.

  • 2007 ~ 2009: Senior Software Engineer for Motorola Spain. Participation in 3GPP 4G LTE standarization meetings. Feature Management of IMS cPCI and ATCA projects. Participation in RoshWeee PICMG-2.16 chassis development and middleware replacement.

  • 2005 ~ 2007: Senior Software Engineer for the Motorola GSM & UMTS SoftSwitch. Participated in the design of the RANAP and Megaco stack and call-flows using the UML IBM Rational Rose modeling tools. Experienced in MGCP/Megaco (H.248), participating in the design and construction of the MSS-U Media Controller layer, to control the Audiocodes Stretto 8000 mediagateway

  • Electronic Engineer for Recreativos Franco SL. Developing custom hardware for gaming and slot machines. PCB Design. Analog Design: Class B-C radio amplifiers, switched power devices. Digital Design: Microcontrollers, their firmware, and related peripherals. Rapid Prototyping Development. Designed for several industrial communication interfaces, using CANBUS 2.0, USB, Bluetooth, PCI 2.x among other standards.

We also have access to a trusted pool of highly experienced engineers whenever very specific experience or knowledge is valuable, or we may need additional working force.